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About Kelley Square Pub

Kelley Square Pub started off as an idea to provide a great food, filling portions at a affordable price.   John Mastrangelo Sr., who is a native East Bostonian grew up in a small neighborhood with a passion of being a professional boxer. In 1984 that idea became a reality. John sr. started up a small Pizza BBQ place called Kelley Square Pub. The atmosphere is filled with original photos of sports figures to movie stars who have either eaten in the establishment or who are personal friends of the Mastrangelo’s. I know that you might be thinking Why Kelley Square Pub? The original Kelley Square Pub was located in what is now called Central Square in East Boston. After researching Central Square was originally called Kelley Square in 1900’s. John Mastrangelo not only established his restaurant Kelley Square Pub, but now East Boston is now calling Central Square by its original name Kelley Square. Kelley Square Pub is a family run business that includes John’s three sons. John the older son, Rock who is a schoolteacher in the town of Winthrop, and Steven. The Mastrangelo’s work together to provide their customers an outstanding dining experience.   Kelley Square Pub has grown to be a Kelley Square Pub in home for anyone who wants to have a warm friendly, safe and delicious dinning experience you will be in the right restaurant.